Our Speakers

The Manhattan Beach Mayor’s Youth Council speakers are experts and professionals who offer knowledge, wisdom, fresh perspectives and new ideas that inspire and educate. They speak passionately about what they have learned and experienced in both their personal and professional lives. Our student members discuss issues and interact with leaders in some of the most exciting fields today.

Dr. Amy S. Lo
Observatory Alignment Thread Lead, JWST Program,
Northrop Grumman

Hon. Joyce Karlin Fahey
Los Angeles County Superior Court

Rizza Gonzales
Rizza Gonzales, Esq.
Criminal Defense Attorney
Century Law Group

Rachel VandenbergRachel Vandenberg
PE, National Director for Ports and Intermodel Infrastructure, AECOM

Dr. Jason Howe
Family Medicine, Sports &
Musculoskelatal Injuries at UCLA Health

Joe Takai
Venture Architect Principal
BCG Digital Ventures.

Michael Matthews
Superintendent of Schools

Rob Lucenti
Managing Partner
Deloitte Services LP

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen, FAIA
Architect & CEO
Gensler Architecture
Design & Planning

Jimmy Messner
Music Producer, Guitarist, Composer

Diana Oropeza
Diana Oropeza
Principal, Star Struck Events

Tom Loversky, Esq.
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Ed LearEdward O. Lear, Esq.
Civil Trial Litigator & Founder
Century Law Group

Laura InlowLaura E. Inlow
Governmental Entity Liability Attorney
Collinson Law

Mike Mothner
Michael Mothner
Founder & CEO

Mike Simms
Mike Simms
The Simms Restaurant Group

Mike Stone
Chief Relationship Officer (CRO)

Demian CaponiDemian Caponi
University Programs Specialist
Google Inc.

Jim Stewartson
Jim Stewartson
Senior Producer
Niantic Labs at Google

Scott Wilhoughby
Scott Willoughby
Webb Telescope Program Manager
Northrop Grumman

Gregg Spiridellis
Gregg Spiridellis
Co-Founder & CEO,
JibJab Media Inc.

Debra CummingsDebra Cummings
Partner, SANDdesign

Steve Napolitano
Steve Napolitano, Esq.
Senior Deputy
L.A.County Supervisor Don Knabe

Tommy Reid
Tommy Reid
Film Producer/Director/
Dundee Entertainment

Kathy Thompson
Kathy Thompson
President & COO
The Los Angeles Times
Tribune Publishing

Jeffrey Morris
Jeffrey Morris
President, HEILBrice
Agency & Brand Management

Lt. Col. David M. McCarthy

Amy Kaji, M.D.
Amy Kaji, M.D.
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Meghan Wood,-M.D.
Meghan Wood, M.D.
Kaiser Permanente
Santa Clara Medical Center

Paul Silva
Writer & Executive Editor
The Beach Reporter

John Harris
John Harris
Film Post Production
Blue Room Post

Kathleen Paralusz
Kathleen Paralusz, Esq.
Senior Corporate Counsel
Northrop Grumman Corp.

Dr. Daniel Kelly
Professor of Neuroscience & Neurosurgery/Director –Brain Tumor Center at
Providence Saint John’s

Scott T. Millington
Honorable Scott T. Millington
CA Superior Court Judge
Los Angeles County

Kim Lewand Martin
Kim Lewand Martin
Grades of Green

R. Chandler Root, Finance
Regional Manager

Tom Sturges
Tom Sturges,
Creative Exec & Author,
Universal Music Group

Howard Bessen
Howard Bessen, M.D.
Harbor-UCLA Medical Center

Mike ZislisMike Zislis
Hospitality Entrepreneur,
The Zislis Group

Christopher J. Harrer
USC, Marshall School of Business
Entrepreneurial Studies Professor

Liquid I.V.
Hayden Fulstone
Brandin Cohen
& Cameron Killeen
Liquid I.V.

Todd Dipaola, CEO
inMarket and ForeFund Capital

Paul Hyneck
Paul Hyneck
Director of Business Affairs
Giant Studios

Kathy Swan Winterhalder
Kathy Winterhalder, Owner
The Distinguished Speaker Series

Russ Lesser
Russ Lesser
President, Body Glove

Charles Latibaudiere
Charles Latibaudiere
Producer, TMZ

Eve Irvine
Eve Irvine
Chief of Police,
City of Manhattan Beach

Robert Espinoza
Robert Espinosa
Fire Chief
City of Manhattan Beach

Ernie Meadows, Industrial Designer, Inventor of LN-4 Prosthetic Hand (Design) – ln-4.org.

Brian George, Television Producer, 90210 (Entertainment)

Dr. Josh BeckHarbor-UCLA Medical Center (Health & Medicine)

Scott Smith, Videographer & Editor, The Body Glove (Entrepreneurship)

Jordis Mosley, Designer, The Body Glove (Entrepreneurship)

Scott Daley, VP Marketing, The Body Glove (Entrepreneurship)

Jenna Meistrell, Communications Director, The Body Glove (Entrepreneurship)