Welcome MB-MYC Network for Life!

We’re excited knowing that we will grow to become your link to leadership, career connection, and networking opportunities … wherever you venture in life!

It’s a big world, and by staying connected to your MB roots you will get connected to the world – because that’s where we’re all heading!  …  We’ll be your hometown cheerleader and your global connector.

Connect Up & Network Big!

You’ll not only have access to your classmates and all fellow Alumni, but also to all of the professional leaders who speak to MB-MYC throughout the years.  This means that you will have a direct connection to top brass whose names will continue to grow as your career path continues to grow.

Be a Mentor and Ambassador!

  • Be a mentor to a current class member or alumni when they have questions about college or career.   An occasional phone conversation, a coffee chat, or perhaps something more structured.  As little or as much time as you can give.
  • Be an ambassador of MB-MYC.  Represent us at community events and organizations such as Home Town Fair and school gatherings.  Speak to local high schools students about the benefits of MB-MYC.  We will work with your availability.

This is a Give-n-Get Networking Program — The more you give, the more you get!

Register Here: