Quotes from 2011-2012 Participants

“I really enjoyed my experience with the Mayor’s Youth Council this year, and feel as though it has given me broad insight into a number of fields, and has given me a small taste of the real world ahead.” Zachary Kay

“Mayor’s Youth Council this year was an amazing opportunity to become more involved in my home town. It opened up doors to different career paths down the line for me as I move on from high school and into college and the adult world. Truly, I looked forward to each meeting we had, excited to hear from educated speakers about topics that are problems and concerns not only in our own neighborhood, but around the world.” Taylor Lewis

“The Mayor’s Youth Council program is fundamental in the building of relationships between teens and professionals in the community, which are invaluable.  The experiences I have had in Mayor’s Youth Council will be important for the rest of my life and have been a big part of my high school experience.” Thank you, Jack Rosenberg

“It provided me with confidence in my future, that no matter what I decide there are so many different things I can do, even within the same field.” Ari Howorth

“I learned that there are many ways to be successful in life, and that there is a huge world of opportunities awaiting me,” echoed student Noelle Claycomb; she was so impacted by the program she plans to stay involved as an advisor.

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